Curriculum Vitae

Completed schooling in 1974, Medical graduation in 1982 at Madras. Son and grandson of Ophthalmologists.

A 51 year old well experienced vitreoretinal surgeon, one of the youngest in the country and one of the few youngest in the world. Underwent rigorous training as a vitreoretinal surgeon under the able guidance of internationally reputed surgeon, Dr. S. S. BADRINATH. Worked in Sankara Nethralaya, Madras - (One of the internationally renowned eye hospital especially known for advanced vitreoretinal surgery) from April 1984 to October 1988. Worked as a vitreoretinal surgeon and co-ordinator, vitreoretinal service, Taparia Institute of Ophthalmology, Bombay Hospital from November 1988 to June 1990. Specialised in ocular ultrasonography, performing argon laser and YAG laser for vitreoretinal conditions, performing Fundus Fluorescein Angiography, performing lensectomy, vitrectomy and scleral buckling (retinal detachment repair surgery), performing various revision retinal detachment surgery, performing combined surgeries like lensectomy + vitrectomy + scleral buckling and multivarious combinations like these in one sitting, performing most advanced vitreoretinal surgery using American, European and Japanese technologies like :

With all the above mentioned techniques experienced in tackling various conditions:

Presented scientific papers in vitreoretinal surgeries in various national and international conferences:

AIOS :25
State & Zonal Conferences :355
Intenational :129

Has been in panel as well as speaker in various symposia and courses including surgical demonstrations in vitreoretinal surgery along with reputed vitreoretinal surgeons from United States of America, Japan, Europe and others.

Chaired a session in Singapore at XII International Ergophthalmological Conference in March 1990. Chairing a session in an international meeting at a young age shows his academic excellence.

Have trained many doctors for residency in ophthalmology which is recognised by National Board of Examinations.

Guiding specialised vitreoretinal surgical training for Ophthalmologists who have completed Masters Degree in Surgery Ophthalmology from various institutions along with other consultants at Sankara Nethralaya and Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital.

Has taken various leadership experiences like College Students Union General Secretary etc. Was a sportsman par excellence. Football and Athletic Captain of the college. Taken part in state level intermedial sports. Has taken part in stage plays and dramatics in All India Radio from 1965 to 1974. He was one of the youngest and the first undergraduate medical student to take part in ICMR short term research projects in 1977. As an undergraduate student, has secured prize for original research world. Presented various scientific papers as an undergraduate at the State and National medical conferences. To know and experience research, have worked and presented scientific papers in other specialities like Cardiology, Pharmacology, Paediatrics, Virology, Microbiology, Electron Microscopy, Social and Preventive Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology. At Sankara Nethralaya in 1987 alone, have performed 1,314 surgeries (19.5%) in 581 patients out of total 6,749 surgeries performed in 5,039 patients which is a high record for an individual surgeon. Among these 1,314 surgeries, 90% were vitreoretinal surgeries. The rest were lensectomy and cataract surgeries. Endolaser photocoagulation was introduced first in India at Sankara Nethralaya in 1987. Have performed one of the highest number of vitreous surgeries for Endophthalmitis so far. Performed 1,448 vitreoretinal surgeries in Sankara Nethralaya from 1984-1988. Performed exclusive vitreoretinal surgeries (725) in Bombay Hospital in 20 months which is a record in Bombay Hospital since its inception for about 30 years. Performed 4599 exclusive vitreoretinal surgeries in Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital since August 1990. Have started an exclusive hospital for Retina and Vitreous which is first of its kind in India.