Special Events

Dr. S. Natarajan organised the prestigious First International Advanced Vitreoretinal Surgery Course - (IAVRSC) from 19-21 October 1993 at Y.B. Chavan Auditorium, Nariman Point, Bombay, under the aegis of Bombay Ophthalmologists Association & Vitreo Retinal Society of India. Dr. B.K. Goyal, Dean, Bombay Hospital inaugurated the meeting on the 19th of October, 1993.

Ten world renowned experts - Dr. R. Zivojnovic, Belgium; Dr. Stanley Chang, Dr. Arunan Sivalingam & Dr. M. Mehta, USA; Dr. Claus Eckardt, Dr. K. Heimann & Dr. Klein, Germany; Dr. Fumitaka Ando, Japan; Dr. Yannick Le Mer, France; Dr. H. Camacho, Columbia; with leading vitreoretinal surgeons of India like Dr. S.S. Badrinath, Dr. P.N. Nagpal, Dr. Lingam Gopal, Dr. Tarun Sharma and Dr. T.N. Ursekar were the invited guest faculty with Dr. S. Natarajan as Course Director. An instrument trade exhibition comprising of 26 leading companies dealing in vitreoretinal equipment from India and abroad was part of this symposium.

For the first time in India, renowned experts from Belgium, Germany, Japan, France and the USA with leading vitreoretinal surgeons of India came under one roof to enlighten practicing eye doctors, vitreoretinal surgeons and general and budding ophthalmologists about the advances taken place in this interesting field.

Dr. S.S. Badrinath of Sankara Nethralaya, Madras, described this as an historic event. More than 250 ophthalmologists from the country and also abroad attended the conference and expressed their desire to have another such course in couple of years.


The SECOND INTERNATIONAL ADVANCED VITREO RETINAL SURGERY COURSE (2nd IAVRSC) was organised from 17-19 November, 1995 at Y. B. Chavan Auditorium, Nariman Point, Bombay under the aegis of Bombay Ophthalmologists Association and Vitreoretinal Society - India. Renowned International and National faculty who attended this Course and gave talks are Dr. R.Zivojnovic, Antwerp, Belgium, Dr.Brooks W.Mccuen, Durham, U.S.A., Dr. Ronald L.S.Yeoh, Singapore, Dr.Uday Desai, U.S.A. Dr. Bernd Kirchhof, Germany, Dr. Eugene de Juan, Maryland, U.S.A., Dr.A. Mohr, Frankfurt, Germany, Prof. George Hilton, U.S.A., Dr.Vivian Balakrishnan, Singapore, Dr. Georgiy E. Stolyarenko, Russia, Dr. S.S Badrinath, Madras, Dr. T.P. Das, Hyderabad, Dr.L.Gopal, Madras, Dr. P.Namperumalsamy, Madurai, Dr. P.N. Nagpal, Ahmedabad, Dr. Tarun Sharma, Madras.


The IV INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON OCULAR TRAUMA was organised from 12th to 15th February, 1997 at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai under the auspices of International Society of Ocular Trauma (ISOT) and under the aegis of Bombay Ophthalmologists Association, Ocular Trauma Society of India and Vitreo Retinal Society - India with Dr. S. Natarajan as the Chairman.

The Symposium was inaugurated by Dr. Chidambaram, Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission, Govt. of India. Dr. Mohan I. Patel was the Guest of Honour and he released the Souvenir during the inauguration of the IV International Symposium on Ocular Trauma.

He is on the International Advisory Board of the 5th International Symposium on Ocular Trauma to be held at Montreal, Quebec, Canada from 6th to 9th July, 2000.


The THIRD INTERNATIONAL ADVANCED VITREO RETINAL SURGERY COURSE (3rd IAVRSC) was organised from 21st to 23rd November, 1997 at Nehru Science Centre, Worli, Mumbai under the aegis of Bombay Ophthalmologists Association and Vitreo Retinal Society - India with Dr. S. Natarajan as the Course Director. This was inaugurated by Lt. Gen. H. S. Banga, Chief Executive, P.D. Hinduja National Hospital. Souvenir was released by Mr. Ashwin Shroff, Chairman and Managing Director, New Excel Industries during the inauguration.

Renowned international and national speakers who attended this 3rd IAVRSC Course were:

INTERNATIONALNATIONAL 1. Dr. Gary W. Abrams, U.S.A.1. Dr.S.S.Badrinath, Chennai 2. Dr. Susan Binder, Austria2. Dr. T. P. Das, Hyderabad 3. Dr. Carl Claes, Belgium 3. Dr. Amod Gupta, Chandigarh 4. Dr. Alan Cruess, Canada 4. Dr. L.Gopal, Chennai 5. Dr. Peter Kroll, Germany5. Dr. Atul Kumar, New Delhi 6. Dr. med. Andreas Mohr, Germany6. Dr. P. N. Nagpal, Ahmedabad 7. Dr. Yanick Le Mer, France7. Dr. P Namperumalsamy, Madurai 8. Prof.Dr.K. Pecold, Poland8. Dr. S. Natarajan, Mumbai a 9. Dr. J.Schmidt9. Dr. B. Patnaik, New Delhi 10.Dr. Yeo Kim Teck, Singapore10.Dr. Cyrus Shroff, New Delhi  11.Dr. H. K. Tewari, New Delhi

Dr. Natarajan spoke on the following topics:


Dr. S. Natarajan, in his capacity as the Hon. Secretary of Bombay Ophthalmologists Association for the year 1997-98, organised the First International Conference and Joint Meeting of BOA, the Second Asia-Pacific Symposium on Visual Sciences and the College of Ophthalmologists, Sri Lanka on 22nd, 23rd and 24th May, 1998 at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.


The 4th International Advanced Vitreoretinal Surgery Course (IAVRSC) along with XIX Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society Annual Conference was organised at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai from 8th to 10th October, 1999. This joint venture was hosted by Bombay Opthalmologists Association. This Conference was attended by Delegates and Post Graduates. Internationally acclaimed Vitreoretinal Surgeons all of them Pioneers in their respective fields and prominent Vitreoretinal Surgeons from India delivered Guest Lectures with the help of Audio Visual Aids covering all the latest advances in Vitreoretinal Surgery.

The Conference was inaugurated by Shri Sadguru Waman Rao Pai on Saturday, 9th October, 1999 at 9.50 a.m. Thereafter our Guest of Honour, Shri Mukesh Sharma, Chief Producer, Doordarshan opened the Trade Exhibition. The Souvenir was released by our Guest of Honour, Ms. Tara Deshpande.

Dr. Dean Eliott of Kresge Eye Institute, Detroit, U.S.A. was the Chief Discussant of the entire Conference. At the end of every session he summarised and discussed with the faculty regarding Vitreoretinal Surgery.

There were sessions on "Surgical Retina" wherein complicated retinal problems were discussed. The other sessions were on "Diabetic Retinopathy", "Instrumentation & New Techniques", "Basic Research in Vitreoretinal Surgery", "Macular Hole", "Medical Retina", "Endophthalmitis", "Anterior Segment Problems", "Age Related Macular Degeneration", "Trauma" and "Tumors".

The Scientific Sessions during all the three days have covered all advances in Vitreoretinal surgery and had lively discussions between International and National faculty providing an impetus for future research.


As a part of centenary celebrations of his grandfather, Late Dr. S. Nataraja Pillai, started a non-profitable Public Charitable Trust - ADITYA JYOT EYE RESEARCH INSTITUTE - where Community Ophthalmology Research & International Eye Surgery Training Centre will be carried out.


He started the first Macula Clinic in India on 21-2-2000 and inaugurated new lasers for (i) Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) and (ii) Transpupillary Thermotherapy (PDT). FIRST WORKSHOP ON PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY (PDT) He organised the first Workshop on Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) on 8-3-2000 at Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital. The Photodynamic Therapy, the breakthrough technology in the treatment of wet Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) was initiated by Dr. Irene Barbazetto of Germany. There was a clinical evaluation of patients by Dr. Barbazetto and discussions on FFA of ARMD patients. Dr. Barbazetto gave a talk on "Recent Advances in Photodynamic Therapy". Dr. Natarajan spoke on "Recent Advances in Age Related Macular Degeneration".


On 20-3-2000 organised the second workshop on PDT for Macula. The Guest Faculty was Dr. Lawrence Singerman, Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Natarajan along with Dr. Jayshree Barua spoke on "Dynamic Therapy and Transpupillary Thermotherapy".


Organised a multi institutional feast along with Bombay Ophthalmologists Association at Nehru Centre as a part of the 10th Anniversary Celebrations of Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital and Birth Centenary of Late Dr. S. Nataraja Pillai, Eye Surgeon of Madurai (grandfather of Dr. Natarajan). One day was dedicated to Macula. Many prestigious institutions participated in this academic celebration.


Organised the Annual General Assembly of National Society for the Prevention of Blindness - India in his capacity as the President of NSPB-I (Mumbai Branch) from 7-8th April 2001. This conference was organised in Mumbai for the first time and was well attended. During this conference he organised a National Symposium on Age Related Macular Degeneration under the aegis of Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society.


Inauguration and launching of The Shanmukhananda Aditya Jyot Eye Institute, a joint venture of the Sabha and Aditya Jyot Eye Research Institute on 1-6-2001. This is a Charitable Eye Clinic for total Eye Care having the following units:


Organised the 5th International Advanced Vitreo Retinal Surgery Course from 20-22 July 2001 at The Orchid Hotel, Mumbai.

Six Internationally Acclaimed Vitreo Retinal Surgeons all of them Pioneers in their respective fields and 33 prominent Vitreo Retinal Surgeons of India met under one roof and made presentations with the help of VHS Video double slide projection and LCD projection with computers covering all the latest advances in Vitreo Retinal Surgery and Macular disorders. The Special attraction of the first day was a Session on Age Related Macular Degeneration and Macular Surgery. The second day's sessions entitled "Diabetes and Vascular Retinopathy" and "PVR and Anterior Segment Related Problems" covered the problems related to these disorders extensively. The third day saw both the National and International Faculty discussing "Trauma and Endophthalmitis". After each session there was Panel discussion. On the third day there was a live surgery demonstration.

The Scientific Sessions during all the three days covered all advances in Vitreo Retinal Surgery and Macular disorders and also the new instruments and techniques available for performing complicated Micro-surgical procedures. All the three days had lively discussions between international and national faculty providing an impetus for future management and research. The Course was well attended.


On 26th October 2001 Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital launched a new Laser Machine with latest Wavefront Technology for Super Vision at The Lasik Pavilion (a Centre for Advanced Technique in Removal of Spectacle Numbers) which was inaugurated by Padmabhushan Dr. S. S. Badrinath, Chairman, Sankara Nethralaya.


On 2nd November 2001: Inauguration at the noble hands of Padmabhushan Dr. S.S. Badrinath of Eye Operation Theatre at Sri Shanmukhananda Aditya Jyot Eye Institute. During the Inaugural function of Operation Theatre at SRI SHANMUKHANANDA ADITYA JYOT EYE INSTITUTE, Sri Shanmukhananda Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Auditorium, Sion (E), Mumbai - 400 022.


He is Editor-in-Chief of BLINK, a News letter of Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society. For the first time he started BLINK as the Hon. Secretary of Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society and brought out four issues.


For the first time he started website (www.moseye.org) as the Hon. Secretary of Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society.


He was elected as Chairman - Scientific Committee, All India Ophthalmological Society, the largest eye Doctor's society comprising of 8000 members (Now more than 11,000). Election was held at Ahmedabad on 7-1-2002 during the Diamond Jubilee conference of All India Ophthalmological Society.

He was re-elected as the Chairman - Scientific Committee of All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS) for the SECOND term of next three years with the thumping record victory of 850 votes out of 1100 votes.


Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital inaugurated their new Satellite Clinic at Juhu on 25th May, 2003. The idea of satellite clinics has evolved due to the ever-increasing number of patients suffering from eye aliments who find it inconvenient to commute over long distances to reach Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital in Dadar. Thus in the interest of the patient, Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital came up with the idea of starting Satellite clinic which emphasizes the care of retinal disorders and total eye care.


Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital inaugurated the 25G Sutureless Vitrectomy Machine on 30th May 2003 at the hands of Hon'ble State Health Minister Shri Digvijay Khanvilkar at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

Advantages of Millennium TSV25:

The 25 gauge system will increase the efficiency and safety of vitreoretinal surgery and enable many procedures to be carried out in an office based setting in the near future.




Inauguration of Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital 'Satellite Hospital - Retina & Lasers Centre' on 17th August 2003 at Thane It was inaugurated at the hands of Dr. (Mrs.) Aditi Govitrikar Guest of Honour for the above inauguration was Dr. Yogesh C Shah (President -BOA), Dr. Noghekar Rajeshwar M (President -TOA); Dr. Sahu Amulynath (Secretary - BOA). The Operation Theatre was inaugurated by Dr. T.P. Lahane - Prof. & Head - Ophthalmic Dept - JJ Hospital and Dr. Ragini Parekh - Associate Professor - JJ Hospital.

03.10.2003 : He was honoured with the most prestigious Wisitex Foundation "Man of the Millennium (Ophthalmology)" Award for his untiring and selfless service in his professional field of Medicine by 'The International Award Committee of Wisitex Foundation'.

This award was conferred on him :

Besides this, he spoke on 'Endoscope Retinal Surgery - The New Advance' and was also the Chairperson of the same session. He also gave a talk on 'Taking care of your retina - Examinations & Diagnostic Tools'.


Dr. S. Natarajan unveiled the new CAFÉ CELEB magazine placard during the launching of the magazine held in Mumbai. Mr. Vinod Kumar Pittie- President, Mrs. Pammi- Editor of Café Celeb, Film Artiste Hrithik Roshan were present.


19.01.2004: He was invited for the release of a special postal cover to commemorate the golden jubilee of the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology (IJO) at Hyderabad. Shri A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was the guest of Honor for the function. He received the commemorative postal cover and the special booklet from President of India - Shri A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

1ST August 2004

The new premier of Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital Private Ltd. No. 1 total eye care hospital in Mumbai was inaugurated by Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Sushilkumar Shinde at Wadala. Dr. S. Natarajan, Chairman and Medical Director Vitreo Retinal Surgeon of Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital welcomed the gathering and said that this new hospital promised total eye care with the most sophisticated instruments all under one roof.

On the occasion Ms. Aishwarya Rai participated and inaugurated Aditya Jyot Eye Bank wing and appealed that every body should donate their eyes so that we can avoid blindness world over. Also said she is very much interested in creating awareness of eye donation. She promised to help Dr. S. Natarajan in creating eye donation and eye care.

Actor Mr. Om Puri & Dr. Rajendra Vyas laid the foundation stone for the Artificial Retina Lab, first such research Lab in India.

Dr. S.S. Badirnath, Chairman and Founder of Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai blessed the new venture thro video conferencing.

On this occasion, Diabetic Retinopathy Clinic was inaugurated by Dr. G. Venkatasamy, Founder and Chairman of Aravind Eye Care System, Madurai; Aditya Jyot Institute of Optometry inaugurated by Dr. G.N. Rao, Distinguished chair of eye health, WHO Collaborating Centre, L.V.P. Eye Institute; Macula Clinic inaugurated by Dr. Lingam Gopal.

In the August gathering Dr. H.K. Tewari, Chief and Prof. Ophthalmology & Dean (Academics) AIIMS, Delhi, Dr. G. Kumaramanickavel, Dr. T.P. Das, Dr. Rajendra Vyas, Dr. R.V. Azad, Dr. Vinod Goyel, Dr. T.P. Lahane and Mr. R.D. Thulasiraj participated and blessed. A 2-day Exhibition of Eye Care and Free Eye checkup program was inaugurated by Actor Anupam Kher and Mrs. Urvasi, First women Chief Commissioner of Income-tax, Mumbai on Saturday.

09.01.05: It was an honour that the President of India His Excellency Shri A.P.J. Abdul Kalam visited Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital Pvt. Ltd. alongwith the Governor of Maharashtra His Excellency S. M. Krishna. SEVENTH IAVRSC

The 7th International Advanced Vitreo Retinal Surgery Course (7th IAVRSC) was held at the Grand Bhagwati, Ahmedabad from 23rd to 25th September 2005 along with the Renaissance Symposium, 2005 Retina & Vitreous.

Aditya Jyot Institute of Optometry

The First Certificate Award Ceremony of its Baccalaureate Course in Optometry - at Tata Memorial Hospital Auditorium, Mumbai was held on 02.08.2007. Chief Guest His Excellency Shri S.M. Krishna, Governor of Maharashtra.


The 8th International Advanced Vitreo Retinal Surgery Course (8th IAVRSC) was held at the Tun Hussein National Eye Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 11th to 13th January 2008. For the first time IAVRSC was held outside India.

The highlights of the meeting were live sutureless scleral buckling with Vitrectomy surgery by Dr. S. Natarajan and other advanced vitreoretinal surgeries by Dr. Joerg Schmidt and Dr. S. Natarajan. Other important discussions included recent developments in the treatment of wet AMD, vascular disorders of the retina and surgical management of various vitreoretinopathies.

Following were the speakers: