Written by Dr. Vijay G. Prabhakar for MMC magazine, '82 With the winds of change blowing through the halls of learning and the tide of innovations sweeping away the outdated drifthood we are fortunate to have in DR. S. NATARAJAN, a dynamic, agile personality, fully receptive to the new dimensions to keep abreast of medical reforms and research in general and in the field of ophthalmology in particular. Academically, DR. NATARAJAN had scaled new horizons at the under-graduate level. He was the first applicant along with Dr.A.Sundaramurthy for the I.C.M.R. New Delhi short term research studentship in 1979. It was again in Madras Medical college Research Society in October 1979. This was a corner stone in the history of undergraduate study at M.M.C.

DR.NATARAJAN, presentation of a research paper kindled the latent interest of several other undergraduates towards medical oriented research and paper presentations. At the national level, he had the singular honour of presenting his paper on Cardiovascular Pharmacology at the Southern Regional Conference of the Indian Pharmacological Society at Madurai in February 1981 for which he was awarded a prize. With this maiden participation, he was zoomed into the orbit of national conference in other specialities also. He presented a paper of Amniotic Fluid Tests at the silver jubilee conference of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society of India held at Calcutta in December 1981. He also presented a paper on social & preventive paediatric ophthalmology at the 12th annual conference of the Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine held at Vellore in January 1982. He had received the second award at the Indian Academy of Paediatrics, South Zonal conference for his paper on "A New Test to detect Rotal Virus Diarrhoea" held during August 1983 from Dr.B.N.S. Walia, President, Indian Academy of Paediatrics. In November 1983, he presented a paper on Galactosemic Cataract. It is gratifying to note that all his papers were well received at all the conferences. He was the only postgraduate from govt. ophthalmic Hospital, Egmore, Madras attending the workshop and International Intraocular Lens Implant being held during December 1983 at Bombay. We are confident that DR. NATARAJAN's, tenacious adherence to studies that has raised him in his academic career.

In 1976, he had the distinction of actively associating himself and serving in the undergraduate Medical Education Reforms Committee for one year at M.M.C.

History itself is the symphony of many times, an orchestra of many notes. It brings to light every effort of student to better and elevate him in his individual and collective life through the cultivation of faculties that are dormant in man. It is apt to throw light on efforts of DR.S.NATARAJAN, in the cultural, social and sports field. He had also excelled in the social, cultural and sports field with his string of academic achievements topping the list.

DR. NATARAJAN, is a model of exemplary selfless service. He along with Vijay G. Prabhakar were the student pioneers in starting the National Social Service were also the first students secretaries of N.S.S. We may recall that in the N.S.S. International year of the child function presided by then Health Minister Thiru R. Soundararajan, a slogan was coined - "Happy Child, Nation's Pride, Natarajan's smile, M.M.C.'s pride". At the University level he had been an active member in the World University Service (W.U.S.) Madras Centre from 1976-1982 serving on the various inter-collegiate committees. In 1983-84 session, he served as the member of W.U.S. general body under the Presidentship of Vice Chancellor, University of Madras. AT the State level, he had the privilege of serving the community in general and by being an active office bearer and a member of the Board of Management of Tamilnadu Youth Association since 1974 in particular, leisure time is service time for DR. NATARAJAN, Having passed his State government higher grade typewriting examination in 1974 he regularly assists his friends in preparing their research papers. As an active Service Brigade member he attended many Lion's Club and other organisation's comprehensive health camps. As a postgraduate, he attended government free eye camps regularly. He was one of those readily available and attended many eye camps in different parts of our state.

Culture had always been an integral flowering of the many sided genius of DR. NATARAJAN. He contributed substantially to the cultural field by his service and expertise. In January 1976, even as a first year student he was actively involved in organising the medical exhibition. During September 1983 medical exhibition for post centenary silver jubilee celebrations of Madras University, he was one of the active organisers of the exhibition in general and Devil's Orchestra in particular. In 1978, he was unanimously appointed as the Organising Secretary, for Khelotsav & Manoranjan '78 - an intramural sports and cultural festival which he organised along with the class representative Kumaramanickavel. In February 1979, he actively involved himself in organisation of All India Inter Medical Youth Festival -AIIMFEST '79. He has represented the college in inter-collegiate drama competition. He had participated in Tamil dramatics and quiz competitions conducted by the All India Radio, Madras and Doordarshan Kendra (TV) Madras. He had also participated in children's programme since 1964.

The Latin dictum "A sound mind in a sound body" is absolutely in DR. NATARAJAN's case. A sportsman par excellence he represented the following six events for six consecutive years 1977-82. 10,000m, 5,000m, 1,5000m, 4 x 400m relay 4x100m relay and Medley relay. A record in itself but DR. NATARAJAN is always a stride ahead, in 1977, he shattered the existing 10,000m (10km) record and created new 10,000m college record. He was one of the Chief Organisers of XVII State Inter Medical Meet held at M.M.C. during 1978, when for the first time all the ten Medical Colleges in the State participated. He was selected to captain the college Atheletic team during 1979-80. During his tenure as College Athletic Captain, he literally set ablaze a new tail .i.e. for the first time in the 145 years old history of M.M.C an Olympic Torch bearing ceremony was organised from D.M.E.'s office to College ground on the Annual Sports Day in March 1980.

He also as Chief-de-mission led the College Sports Meet at Gandhi Medical College in August 1980 and returned with many laurels to the College. He presented the College football team from 1978-1982 playing as a forward and later as goal keeper. In 1981-82, he had the distinction of captaining the victorious College football team. Distinctions and honour have become the order of the day for this gay young medico and the craving distinction came when he was unanimously elected as the General Secretary of University Students Sports Association for 1981-82. DR. NATARAJAN, is a fine sportsman who with his suave manners and balanced outlook filled this office which he held with distinction and vitality.

During his stay from 1975-1984 in the College, he had made a lasting mark among his fellow students and professors by his simplicity and vibrant personality. There was no one in the College who did not know him. True to the tradition of M.M.C., he was always smartly dressed with the tie on and was seen with College Blazer in all the College functions. DR. NATARAJAN believed in the sublimed words of G.K.Chesterton 'Giving out of life and fellowship is the salt of life'. He endeared himself to one and all. His popularity culminated in his unanimous election as the General Secretary of the Student's Union in September 1979, in which capacity for thorough organisation, ability to budget and run the Student's Union efficiently. He won the appreciation of College staff, students and employees for his devotion to duty and untiring efforts to discharge his responsibilities with loyality and devotion. His help was always taken when any conference was organised here. During this tenure, he worked enthusiastically for the College Auditorium. There is no wonder how DR. NATARAJAN created history in M.M.C. by being the first Students General Secretary unanimously elected. The College again elected him as Postgraduate representative in August 1982.

Truly, DR. NATARAJAN is a gifted personality. As a Postgraduate in Ophthalmology he ably performed ocular surgery well. We are confident that the talents in him will continue to raise him to loftier and loftier heights of service. May he be encouraged more and more so that in all his prosperity and fame we will see more and more service to one and all.

We wish him well in life as an eminent Ophthalmologist to scale greater heights at National and International levels.